Adidas has struck a chord with the Adidas Originals ZX Flux for its capability to print images directly on to the shoe.  The sneaker community has been impressed with what has been seen so far in the ZX Flux printed patterns.  The latest news on the ZX Flux model is just as exciting.  Adidas will be releasing an app in the future which will allow users to use Instagram pics to directly print on to a shoe.  We don’t know exactly how all the details will work out or when it will be released, but Adidas has released some pictures to show the potential of the new technology.  Below is a collection of pics to show you the capability of the new app coming from Adidas.

Adidas-ZX-Flux-11 Adidas-ZX-Flux-10 Adidas-ZX-Flux-9 Adidas-ZX-Flux-7 Adidas-ZX-Flux-6 Adidas-ZX-Flux-5