For those who don’t know, when you are out in the market looking for a good pair of shoes, apart from the weight, and padding, there is another very, very important thing you need to consider is the material of the shoes you are about to buy. In case you are wondering, people who wear shoes for a longer period of time can actually have sweaty shoes, and while it may not seem like a big deal, it can be really irritating in almost every single case there is. With that said, the best way to tackle this situation is wearing socks that are made out of thinner fabric, and in addition to that, wearing shoes that are made out of breathable material. Now in case you are completely baffled by the fact that there is something known as breathable material, then don’t be. It’s way common then you may have known.

Most shoes that have mesh on top of them are made out of breathable material, and that mesh is there just to make sure that the extra ventilation can be provided. Does it provide? Well, believe it or not, it actually makes sure your feet don’t sweat excessively. Now, in case you are wondering about the type of materials that are breathable, and the types you should avoid, then don’t worry. We have an answer for that as well, before we talk about the best breathable material, you should know that buying shoes that are made out of rubber is the worst mistake you can make if you are looking for a material that is breathable, because rubber is one of the materials that isn’t breathable at all because they can trap the moisture inside, and can cause severe irritations when you wear rubber shoes for a longer time. With that said, let’s take a look at the 2 most breathable shoe materials.

Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are one of the best looking shoes out in the market, and apart from being good looking, they are actually one of the best when it comes to using breathable material. Yes, in case you didn’t know, canvas also happens to be extremely lightweight, and while that doesn’t add to the fact it’s also, really, really breathable for your feet. So, go ahead, and buy any type of canvas shoes you want to buy, and we can assure you that you won’t have any issues.

Leather Shoes

While most people think that leather shoes are highly uncomfortable, and can cause blisters on your feet, it’s not entirely true. Shoes that are made out of pure, lightweight leather are perhaps one of the best because they provide a lot of room for the foot to breathe in, and unlike rubber, and some other materials, they don’t let the moisture get trapped in, making them one of the best option if canvas isn’t the style or material of your choice. So, yes, leather shoes will do just fine.

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