The Air Jordan 14 was last released in a retro version in 2006.  The Jordan 14 Retro Black Toe is a striking colorway.  It may not have been worn much by Mr. Jordan, but it holds its own in many ways.  The Jordan 14 first came with a multi-stitched upper.  The Black Toe Jordan 14 has less stitching on the upper and comes with a smoother look than the orginal Jordan 14.  The Jordan 14 has come in 25 different colorways.  The black and white colorway will be a great addition to a Jordan collection.  No release date has been set for this version yet, but we will keep you updated.  Here are the pictures.

Jordan-14-Black-Toe-3 Jordan-14-Black-Toe-4 Jordan-14-Black-Toe-5 Jordan-14-Black-Toe-1 Jordn-Future-Red-3 Jordn-Future-Red-2 Jordn-Future-Red-1