The Jordan 3 is an iconic sneaker profile, but this year has proven that not every colorway of a Jordan 3 will fly off the shelves.  There are opinionated sneaker collectors with complaints about the latest retro releases.  If you are connected to sneaker media at all, you have probably seen comments from sneakerheads everywhere about the abuse of the Jordan 3 design or the poor quality of the Jordan 3 Sport Blue.  Are the complaints valid?  Are sneaker consumers expecting too much from Jordan Retros?  Let’s take a look at the details The complaints of the Jordan 3 Sport Blue have been over cosmetic and leather quality issues.    Reports have been made on Twitter, NikeTalk and other article comments or forums about quality issues. There have been reports that the elephant print detail does not match as seen in the pic below (pic from NTKrazy on NikeTalk).


We’ve also seen complaints of leather quality on the Sport Blue Jordan 3.  The Jordan 3 comes with several types of leather including elephant print toe and heel panels, tumbled leather, flat leather, and a matte soft leather on the tongue in some versions including this latest release.  We have seen complaints on the leather being too wrinkled out of the box, not enough tumbling (too smooth) leather, and also scuffs on the leather.  We have even heard complaints about the toe box getting wrinkled too easily.  How true are all of these issues?  Well, most are usually backed up with pictures as evidence posted on forums.  888 Sneaker Street has looked at several pairs of these Jordan 3s and all of them have been great quality examples.  There are undoubtedly a few sets of shoes out there that may have been defective and not perfect, but it seems to us that the majority of them are just fine.  An easy solution would be to check out the pair before you purchase and make sure the quality is up to par.  The downside of mail ordering sneakers is that you can’t examine the pair before they are sent to you.  In this case, if it is a shoe that you really really need, try and pick up a couple of pairs and you can always return a pair that may be flawed. The black leather is certainly the highlight of this rendition of the Jordan 3.  It is a new colorway, but it looks similar to the Black/Cement colorway of the Jordan 3 due to the color blocking.  The black leather is the obvious reason this shoe is sold out everywhere.  You cannot deny the similarity to the Black/Cement 3′s and comparisons will be made to the classic Black/Cement colorway.  If you are not familiar with the sneaker game, you may find it strange that there are people out there who are out to defend the higher quality of the Jordan 3 Black/Cement compared to the quality of the Sport Blue Jordan 3.  They are elitists who tout that the quality in the Sport Blue Jordan 3 is far inferior to the Jordan 3 Black/Cement.  The fact and truth is that it doesn’t really matter that the Jordan 3 Black/Cement is better than the Sport Blue Jordan 3 whether this opinion is true or not.  The Black/Cement 3 is not available anymore.  Why take offense to comparisons while the Black/Cements can’t even be purchased?  The Sport Blue Jordan 3 was embraced by consumers and people love it.  Some people are going to say that these are just like the Black/Cements and some people will be proud of them just like they had an old original pair of Jordans on, and that is OK.  The whole purpose of a Retro is a tribute to a classic shoe model that can be enjoyed by a wider audience that may not have been able to be a part of it in the past.  Besides making a ton of money, Jordan Brand is bringing the nostalgia back to those who experienced it the first time around and introducing a classic to those who have not had Jordan 3s before now.  So, when someone says “Wow, these look just like the Black/Cement Jordan 3s”, be proud if you own a pair of the Black/Cements.  Anyone would by the Black/Cements if they could, but, the fact is, they can’t.

So, go ahead and enjoy the Sport Blue Jordan 3s if you love them.  We certainly do.  Wear them proudly and enjoy.  If you are not happy with the quality, return them and shut your mouth because there are more happy owners with great pairs than there are of you.  Jordan Brand has also committed to re-tooling of their manufacturing to bring better quality to 2015 releases.  So, if you aren’t happy with today’s quality, just hang back patiently until Jordan Brand re-tools in 2015.  Can you handle that? With the poor quality reports of the Sport Blue Jordan 3, it still completely sold out at most stores and online as a general release. It is a great success for Jordan Brand.  They are now selling for about $50 above retail in the secondary market.