A riot was reported at a raffle line in Houston, TX for the next huge Jordan retro release.  The Legend Blue Jordan 11 is looking to be the biggest shoe release of the year from all the commotion it is causing.  It is incredible that the raffle process is actually causing riots themselves.

The raffle process was designed to allow people to stop standing in line by grabbing a raffle ticket instead of camping out all night for a first-come-first-serve shoe sale process.  The camping lines were simply too much for retail locations to manage.  Episodes of violence and emergencies in the past came as too much of a risk for retailers to continue a simple “fcfs” process.  The raffle processes were installed to eliminate the lines for the shoes.  Apparently, the popularity of Jordan retros has also broken the current raffle strategy.

Now that the sneaker culture has grown comfortable with the raffle process instated by major retailers like Champs, Footlocker, and Finishline, sneakerheads collect raffle tickets to raise their chances of getting the right to buy a pair of $200 sneakers.  Your read that right.  Winning a raffle only allows winners to purchase the shoes at the normal retail price of $200 plus tax.  These days, there are riots to get the right to spend money on sneakers.  Once you get a raffle ticket, it is still not a guarantee that you will get a pair.  The retailer has to do an actual raffle and draw your ticket number.  Only if you receive the call from the retailer that you won a raffle spot for your size will you know if you are guaranteed to be able to buy a pair on release day.  Sound crazy?  Not for most sneakerheads.  This process has been going on for years.  Facebook groups are displaying pictures of members who have more than 30 raffle tickets from different retail stores, the best way to increase your chance to catch a pair of this release.


Solecollector.com reported that a riot occurred while 600 people were waiting for raffle tickets to buy the Jordan 11 Legend Blue Retros.  There might be more than one reason for the raffle ticket frenzy.  Your normal sneakerhead has given up on the online chase to buy hot releases because people with the best technology advantage get to those first.  Also, if you buy online, you have to wait a few days before the sneakers get delivered to you and there is no guarantee that you will get a pair online either.  Some people use software like Add-To-Cart services to buy the sneakers from a website like Nike.com or Footlocker.com, leaving people with normal button clicking speed no chance at all to get them online.  On the East Coast, online sales begin at 8am which is 5am for West Coast sneakerheads.  If you get a raffle ticket call, you don’t have to wake up at 5am to try to get a pair with no guarantees.

Has this gotten totally out of hand?  If you don’t know much about these releases, you might think these shoes were extremely limited which causes a frenzy.  Actually, this release is not limited at all.  The Legend Blue Jordan 11 Retro is going to be available at every major sneaker retailer in great quantity, but it looks like the supply is not going to meet the demand this time.  A major retail retro release by Jordan Brand is usually about 300,000 to 400,000 pairs sold at retail outlets and online.  Do you want to try to get a pair now?  Here are some pics below to help you think about it.  Word is that raffle tickets at many locations are no longer available.  So, don’t be surprised if you are already too late.