So, now that information has been released on the Kobe 9 Elite Low, we can compare and contrast between the HTM versions and the Elite versions of the Kobe 9 Low.  Here are a few pics to remind you of the HTMs that were a special release in Europe only.


The HTM lows definitely had some more colorful, multicolored patterns on the flyknit material, but the profile of the shoe is essentially the same.  The plainer colored HTMs are very similar to the Elites.  In comparison, the solid colored HTMs are not that much different than the Elites.  The HTM lows have a special HTM insignia on the back of the heel which separates it from the Elite lows even more.  Here are the latest pics from Nike of the Kobe 9 Elite Lows that will be releasing in the next few months.  Including a comparison of the back heel side of the HTM against the Elite lows.


The sole on the Hyper Purple Kobe 9 Elite Low is definitely a huge highlight of the shoe.  It is a feature that could possibly make it a hotter shoe than the solid colored HTMs, but definitely may not be enough to top the multi-colored HTMs.  Hope you enjoyed the comparison.  Here’s a last pic of the Hyper Purple Kobe 9 Elite Low moon walker sole.