Kobe Bryant is a superstar on the NBA basketball court and a major force on the sneaker community as well.  The Kobe line of shoes by Nike could be the heir to the throne held by Michael Jordan in the future.  Kobe came into the league as a 17 year old.  He made his mark on the NBA as an extremely aggressive, talented player.  He is known for his attention to detail in his repertoire of  skills, constantly pursuing improvement and excellence.  He has 5 NBA Championship rings to show for it.

Kobe started with a line of sneakers from Adidas.  Adidas took a chance with Kobe on several unique signature designs over several years.  Adidas has recently re-released older Kobe sneaker models as “retro” versions.  Kobe eventually followed in the footsteps of many sneaker legends and joined Nike.  His switch to Nike started with a few Laker colored versions for his use and eventually led to a Kobe line of sneakers.  There have been 8 previous Kobe signature sneakers and the 9th model has been Nike’s most talked about sneaker release of 2014.  The previous Nike Kobe models were known to break ground in a low-top style basketball shoe in a time when most basketball players became accustomed to wearing high-top supported shoes.  It was a surprise to see the Kobe 9 release in a high-top profile which contradicted the low-top tech of previous models.

Today, Kobe’s line of sneakers reflect his personality and legacy in the league.  He is heavily involved in the design and the marketing efforts of his shoe line with Nike.  As Kobe’s career comes closer to an end, his sneaker legacy will be strong in the league along with his influence as one of the greatest players to ever play the game.