So, Nike only made 2,014 of these.  They are limited edition Lebron 11 2k14 editions that were only allowed to be purchased by the first people to spend about 80 hours on the 4th generation video game system version of NBA 2K14.  The price for these was $220.  Since the special purchase availability was uncovered on the video game, everyone has been curious on what the new editions will look like.  Well, here they are.  Although they are super-limited, no one knows if these will be a sought after shoe in the long run, but from the looks of the pics, there probably won’t be many people wearing these on the streets.  They look hideous!  So, who is the big winner in this scenario.  Well, video game makers and Nike have uncovered one of the greatest marketing features of a video game.  As for the video games are now yet another channel for us to look for new releases and to actually buy new sneakers from.  It is a breakthrough in marketing technology and Nike is the big winner here.