Here are some close up pics of the Yeezy Foam that is completely sold out last week.  The Yeezy Foamposite gets its name from the Yeezy colorway although the shoe was not officially named a Yeezy Foam since Kanye West is no longer signed to Nike, the sneaker community labeled it the Yeezy Foam because of the popular colorway that matches the Solar Red Yeezy.  This one is an amazing combination of carbon fiber style foamposite with the laser crimson lining color and glow in the dark sole.  You can still find some for resale on eBay and other websites.  These shoes are reselling for about $350 to $400 per pair.  That is about $100 over retail.  Enjoy the pics.

Nike-Air-Foamposite-One-Premium-Yeezy-1Nike-Air-Foamposite-One-Premium-Yeezy-3Nike-Air-Foamposite-One-Premium-Yeezy-4Nike-Air-Foamposite-One-Premium-Yeezy-5Nike-Air-Foamposite-One-Premium-Yeezy-6Nike-Air-Foamposite-One-Premium-Yeezy-7Nike-Air-Foamposite-One-Premium-Yeezy-8Nike Air Foamposite One Premium Yeezy 9Nike Air Foamposite One Premium Yeezy 11Nike Air Foamposite One Premium Yeezy 12Nike Air Foamposite One Premium Yeezy 13Nike-Air-Foamposite-One-Premium-Yeezy-14Nike-Air-Foamposite-One-Premium-Yeezy-15Nike-Air-Foamposite-One-Premium-Yeezy-16