Did you catch this latest rendition of the Nike Air Tech Challenge II?  We didn’t think so.  Nike released a version of the Air Tech Challenge II in Europe for the French Open.  It is designed after one of Andre Agassi’s outfits that he wore at a French Open tournament in his professional days.  It is already sold out and there is no news of it releasing in the US, but we have seen Nike recently bring foreign releases to domestic soil.  The Air Tech Challenge II has made a recent come-back with the first original Hot Lava colorway selling out immediately.  Other colorways have done great also, but not as coveted as the Hot Lava version.  This latest colorway is interesting for collectors and could be a hit on this side of the water if ever released.  So here are some pics.  If you like them, keep your fingers crossed that these will come out in the US soon.

Nike-Air-Tech-Challenge-II-SP-French-Open-1Nike-Air-Tech-Challenge-II-SP-French-Open-2Nike-Air-Tech-Challenge-II-SP-French-Open-3Nike-Air-Tech-Challenge-II-SP-French-Open-4Nike-Air-Tech-Challenge-II-SP-French-Open-5 (1)