Posters of Michael Jordan were plentiful back in the day.  A lot of us had his pictures on our walls from large posters to magazine cut-outs.  Little did we know that in the future, there would be posters of just the shoes that he wore and made legendary along with his NBA legacy. has created various images of the iconic sneakers from a very clean and artful perspective.  Each image is minimal in it’s design, drawing attention and appreciation to the shoe designs themselves.  As of now, Kickposters may not have every single classic shoe on a poster, but it does have some of the most important and iconic designs.  If you are a sneaker addict, these might look great on your office walls or even in a conference room of an architecture firm.  They can be constant reminders that great design can be found not just in large buildings or furniture.  We’ve all learned by now that legendary design can also be worn on your feet.  Cheers to for these great displays of innovation.  Below are some of our favorites.

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Jordan-Retros-Kickposters-Jordan-6-Carmine Jordan-Retros-Kickposters-Jordan-3-sport-blue Jordan-Retros-Kickposters-Jordan-4 Jordan-Retros-Kickposters-Jordan-3 Jordan-Retros-Kickposters Jordan-Retros-Kickposters-Assorted