UDPATE: This release will not happen this weekend.  It has been postponed to an undetermined date by Nike.

The upcoming Lebron 11 What the Lebron is a design marvel.  The release date is coming this weekend, but there is much to learn about the What the Lebron other than a weird name and a bunch of colors.  Nike and the sneaker community have taken note that sneakers are more than just a fashion statement or a sports accessory.  Sneakers have transformed into a fashion accessory that could carry a story, tradition, homage, dedication, and loyalty by fans of a sport, an athlete, a team, a city.  The Lebron 11 What the Lebron is the epitome of a sneaker story.

This shoe is meant to commemorate Lebron’s sneaker legacy.  We all know some Lebron classic colorways like the South Beach or the Dunkman.  These have become standard colorway names of sneakers.  Lebron’s sneaker line has the legendary past releases that every signature sneaker line aims for.  The “What the…” line is known for a crazy mix of colors and this one is not short of craziness, but a purposeful mix is more of an art-form than a random mix of colors.  Nike designers put 20 different prints from previous editions and 28 different features from past Lebron signature shoes.  This is not an easy feat.  And if you are a sneaker collector, you will want the shoes with the most story behind it.  There can hardly be any more story to a shoe than this.  Below is the release information and also we have some pictures for you to enjoy from Nike.

Lebron 11 What the Lebron
Release Date: May 31st, 2014 – 5/31/2014
Price: $250
Style Code: 650884-400

LeBron-GIF-460_large Lebron-11-What-the-Lebron-10 Lebron-11-What-the-Lebron-9 Lebron-11-What-the-Lebron-8 Lebron-11-What-the-Lebron-7 Lebron-11-What-the-Lebron-6 Lebron-11-What-the-Lebron-5 Lebron-11-What-the-Lebron-4 Lebron-11-What-the-Lebron-3 Lebron-11-What-the-Lebron-2 Lebron-11-What-the-Lebron-1