reebok zig turfsWhenever you decide to take up a sport, or even just for the casual wearer, buying the correct pair of trainers is a very important decision. The comfort, grip and support that your chosen trainers provide are essential, both to your prowess on the field, and to your overall health. A bad pair of trainers can cause your body significant pain and damage, so it is always worthwhile taking your time and doing your research when purchasing a new pair. Your trainers are the equivalent of your car tires, they are the only connection between your body and the ground, so it is essential to get the right tools for the job.

Reebok are a trainer manufacturer with a long established history and reputation for quality products. The turf shoe is a very competitive market for trainer manufacturers with fierce competition and ongoing innovation and development. This review will focus specifically on the Reebok Zig Turfs, a middle of the range set of shoes that whilst perhaps not ideal for the elite athlete is an excellent choice for the majority of people.

Turf shoes are specifically designed with the baseball pitch, grass or artificial turf in mind. The grip required is different to that of a baseball shoe for instance but the support is just as important.


Reebok Zig Turfs come in a wide variety of colors and styles and that is reflected in their pricing. They range between 20 dollars and 70 dollars overall so that is something that you need to take into consideration when making your choice. Zig actually derives from the exclusive and patented Zigtech outsole so you are certainly getting a lot of technology and research for your money. In our opinion the shoes provide good value for money at both ends of the range.


reebok zig turfs redWe found these shoes to be extremely comfortable especially when spending time on the field playing sport. Bearing in mind that this was their main purpose we feel that Reebok and their design team hit the ball out of the park. Everyone that tried these shoes whilst playing or indeed coaching on the park complimented them on their extreme comfort. However, what was interesting was that some people didn’t find them quite so comfortable when used as a general everyday trainer.  We feel this actually is a positive due to the fact that it shows that the support and design of the shoe caters especially for the grass or artificial grass surface. It would be both wrong and unfair to criticise a shoe for lack of comfort, that wasn’t being used as intended.

Design and Looks

If you are the kind of person that wants to meld quietly into the background, then these shoes are probably not even going to be on your radar. The funky soles and design of all Reebok Zig Turfs are by their very nature loud and in your face. Even the more reserved black variants still stand out from the crowd due to the design. But whilst a trainer’s main job is to provide grip, support and protection for the user, trainers have also developed into a fashion statement, and these trainers exude confidence and a brash in your face exterior. They are very popular with the teenagers, but that is not to say they are not suitable for the slightly older user. Fashion is a choice and the range is big enough to enable everyone to find something to their liking.


Zig Trainer Royal-WhtThis next point could be considered harsh but certain trainers can be more difficult to maintain than others. Due to the special Zigtech sole and the fact that these trainers are designed for use on the field, we found that mud and dirt quickly built up in the large crevices of the sole. That is not a huge criticism as they were also relatively easy to clean for exactly the same reasons, but it would be remiss of us not to mention that in our review. If you do decide to purchase these trainers our advice would be to ensure you clean them as soon as you leave the field, in order to maintain their beautiful appearance for as long as possible.


In conclusion we would have to say that we highly recommend these Reebok Zig Turfs. If you are actively involved in sport and spend a lot of time on your feet in the field these trainers are an excellent choice. The cost is more than reasonable easily undercutting the opposition, and the quality is quite simply fantastic. The support and comfort provided by the specially designed Zigtech sole does exactly what it says on the tin giving the user excellent grip and the ability to react safe in the knowledge that they won’t lose their footing when reacting quickly during a game. The variety in choice of both cost and style means that there is a pair of Reebok Zig Turfs for everyone and for anyone in the market for a pair of Turf trainers. Reebok Zig Turfs are the perfect trainer for your on field needs, provided that you use them for the purpose they were designed for.