Nike is one of the most popular companies on the planet, everyone has heard of them, people can simply identify the brand by its iconic logo. The company has always produced exceptional sports equipment for all kinds of athletes. Nike produces pads, shirts, sports equipment, sports safety gear and sports accessories of the highest quality. Shipping their products all across the world for professional and domestic use as well. The company excels at making highly durable and practical shoes that are expertly designed to aid people in sports. Nike is a well-known manufacturer of football studs that help athletes get better traction as they run and provide them with superior ball control. Along with amazing football shoes, Nike also designs and manufactures high quality basketball shoes.

Basketball is a sport that demands a lot more foot work than it seems, if you’ve ever tried running on a basketball court you’ll realize that maintaining a reliable foot during a game isn’t easy, when half your attention is on the ball and your competitors. At such crucial moments, players can’t afford setbacks or problems caused by their equipment that hinder them from performing to their full potential. Professional or not, a competition is still a competition and losing is not an option.

sharkleysOne of Nike’s more popular basketball shoe designs are the Zoom sharkleys, these shoes have captivated many basketball fans and professional players due to a number of winning factors. Nike’s zoom sharkleys are designed to be extremely light, these sneakers combine the designs and functionality of the Nike Air Shake N’Destrukt and the Sir Charle’s Nike CB 34, creating a unique pair of sneakers that have the practicality of two designs integrated into one pair. These popular hybrid sneakers work great and are available at some pretty good value.

The sharkleys sneakers have a full grain leather upper with perforated straps that nicely secure the shoe onto your foot, eliminating any distractions caused by a shoe that doesn’t snugly and firmly lock onto your foot. The sharkleys also have great breathability, designed to let air flow through so that excess sweating doesn’t soil the sneakers and compromise foot stability. Its outsole is a bit different than what Nike usually uses but nonetheless provides superb traction and can take a lot of wear and tear before losing its grip.

The sneakers have a pretty appealing design, not only in a practical sense but in an aesthetic way too, bound to attract attention on the court and make you look like you mean business. They come in a variety of colors from which you can choose, people have been so satisfied with their sharkleys that they’ve actually bought multiple pairs of different colors. Along with being durable and practical, the sharkleys are also extremely light, satisfied users have stated that they feel a lot less clunky than some of Nike’s other sneakers. Perfect for making high jumps and for participating in long matches, the Nike zoom sharkleys are an amazing option for professionals and hobbyists, providing great service at a great price.