For those who don’t know cushioned shoes are also known as running shoes, the reason these shoes are cushioned is because running puts a lot of strain on the joints of the runner, and if the runner isn’t equipped with proper shoes, the joints can start hurting a lot, and even have troubles performing in the future. That’s why the shoes that are made specifically for runner are super cushioned from the inside just so they can provide enough support, and relief to the joints, all the while making sure that there isn’t a lot of strain on the joints. Now in case you are wondering about the “cushioned” part, it’s very simple. The mid-sole of running shoes is mainly consisting of more cushioning material than we find in the normal shoes, this provides a lot of relief to the joints when the runner is doing the runs.

Now the main question arises when people start wondering whether or not super cushioned shoes are more comfortable or not when they are compared to the ordinary shoes. Well, you should know that they certainly are. And that’s why, you can even wear these to work as they are among the most comfortable shoes. Surprisingly enough, there isn’t enough rocket science behind this concept considering the simplicity of cushion shoes; the extra cushioning in the sole of the shoe basically means that it will take more time for the momentum to change when the foot finally makes contact with the floor, this process results in a lower amount of force transmitting back to the foot. Before you go ahead and buy a pair of cushioned shoes, you should know that these shoes are certainly built for people who over-pronate.

With that out of the way, you should know that there are basically 3 different type of cushioning that goes into the running shoes, for your convenience, we have listed all 3 of them are mentioned below.

  1. Air cushioning: This type of cushioning basically uses a compartment of air that rests on the sole of the shoe, this compartment basically acts as a crumple zone when the foot hits the ground.
  2. Gel cushioning: This type of cushioning replaces the air compartment with a layer of compressible gel that does the same work as the air cushioning.
  3. Foam cushioning: There’s nothing advanced about this type of cushioning, it basically replaces the layer of gel with a layer of foam.

As for which cushioning is better, it completely depends on the person who is wearing the shoes. Now come the ultimate question; Are super cushioned shoes necessarily more comfortable? Well, to be honest, it depends from the runner to runner, for instance, in case you are not aware of that, but the additional cushioning in the sole means that the medial support for the foot will be lesser than the ordinary shoes where this support is generally balanced. Another factor is over pronation, something that most runners tend to do that, and if there is a lot of over pronation is involved while wearing cushioned shoes, it can cause injuries.