What do you get when you put together an amazing basketball player like Kobe Bryant and a famous shoe brand like Nike? Of course, you get the best from both worlds: The Nike Kobe 9!

These shoes come in 4 different styles:

  • Elite
  • Elite Low
  • Low EM
  • NSW Lifestyle

On this page we are going to talk about the Kobe 9 Colorways, which belong to the first group. First, let’s check a bit more about this amazing footwear:

Kobe 9 Elite – The Perfect Basketball Shoes:

Nike is well known for producing lots of footwear focused on this amazing sport. But, why is the Kobe 9 Elite considered by many as the best? The answer can be found right here: it uses state of the art technology. More specifically, it uses three:

  1. Nike Flyknit.
  2. Nike Flywire.
  3. Nike Lunarlon.

Thanks to these three technologies, you get all you need to have a better performance in your basketball games. And in the following list, you have the best features from this excellent footwear:

  1. Super light-weight. These shoes will never slow you down, so you can explode your maximum potential in every game!
  2. Dynamic and Strong Lockdown. You need to move fast, but you also need control. Thanks to this helpful feature, you will be able to have total control on your game.
  3. Smart Cushioning. If you want to feel comfortable, then you need smart and responsive cushioning and this is one of the best features brought by Kobe 9 Elite.
  4. Carbon Fiber Heel Counter. If you are looking for shoes with a strong lateral stability, then these ones will suffice all your needs.
  5. Smart Outsole. It comes with a great rubber outsole that has been designed to bring you the best traction.

So far now, it should be easy to see why the Kobe 9 has so many followers. In three words: they are awesome! But we all know that a shoe needs to have an outstanding design in order to be popular and successful – and the Kobe 9 has it as well.

You will not only have the chance to play like a professional NBA player just like Kobe Bryant, but you will also look badass with these shoes on you!

Till this moment we have only give you an overview, but right now it’s time to review it properly. Stay with us and discover how these shoes can make of you a better basketball player:

Kobe 9 Review:

We will analyze it in 7 key points, which are the following:

  1. Transition
  2. Traction
  3. Cushion
  4. Lockdown
  5. Support
  6. Durability
  7. Ventilation

And we will review each point in the previous order described. We will also provide a score that goes from 0 to 10, so you can get a good overview on the performance.

Transition: 10/10

Nike has done a very good job with these shoes. It excels in transition because, according to many users, the movements feel very natural, and this is exactly what you need to play better. This excellent transition is possible thanks to two key technologies: Flywire and Lunarlon. And the great rubber outsole contributes a lot of this as well.

Knowing this, one should not have any doubt on why a lot of basketball players love these shoes. They allow you to move naturally, you will never feel heavy, you will have plenty of freedom of movement – and this is exactly what you need.

Traction: 9/10

Nike decided to innovate quite a lot with these shoes. The rubber outsole uses a pressure map traction from the very same Kobe Bryant’s foot.  The concept implemented by Nike is very similar to the one used by Adidas, which is known as FYW (Feet You Wear Technology). This revolutionary concept has a main goal: to mimic the natural motion of the foot. As a result, you get a shoe with plenty of stability and freedom of movement.

A lot of people comment that these shoes give you a very vivid barefoot feel. And this is exactly the main purpose of these shoes: to give you a natural feel. And as a result, you can enjoy superb traction.

We are aware that some of you may love to play street basketball, but we are sad to tell you that these shoes are not so good for the outdoors. If you want to have this amazing footwear with you for a long time, you should limit yourself to playing indoors. This is the unique downside we have to note so far now, because the rubber is not so resistant in the outdoors.

Cushion: 8/10

The cushioning used in the Kobe 9 Elite is excellent. In comparison to the previous one used by Kobe 8, the current outperforms it by a large margin. The technology Lunarlon is far more responsive this time and a lot denser as well. The main issue with the Kobe 8 is that the cushioning became a lot less responsive after several wearing’s. As it seems, the Kobe 9 remains responsive even if used constantly.

Another great benefit brought by Lunarlon is that it’s perfect for people who experience pain in their feet when playing. This is a common issue in basketball players, but with the Lunarlon technology you will feel quite bit of relief, because it’s very light-weight and does a great job at the hour of mitigating the impact your feet receive.

Lockdown: 9/10

What can we say? The lockdown is superior to the rest. One of the most important elements you need to watch out before purchasing shoes, especially for basketball, is the lockdown. And we are glad to say that all Kobe 9 Colorways have this.

The Flywire technology allows your foot to be strapped in a comfortable and responsive foot bed. And this is great, because it’s neither constricting nor uncomfortable. You need to have your feet in its place, and this pair of shoes will do this without sacrificing comfort or restricting movement.

The Kobe 9 is based on this concept: Feet You Wear Technology. And because of this, the main goal is to provide as much freedom of movement as possible, and we can find this present on the lockdown.

Support: 9/10

If you want to avoid those horrible ankle injuries, then you need to get footwear with excellent support. And this is one of the main features portrayed by the Kobe 9. It brings you the comfort you need, while keeping you well-grounded.

Nike has done something that’s very smart: it has fused Fuse and Flyknit. Flyknit, by itself, wouldn’t bring enough support, but it’s backed-up by a nice second layer of Fuse, which brings you the freedom of movement and support you need. This combination is superb, because Flyknit gives you agility, while the Fuse layer gives you extra support.

Durability: 9/10

We can’t complain about the durability, because it’s superior to a large number of other options. The materials used in the fabrication of the Kobe 9 are simply top of the line. You will never get that “cheap feel”, because you are actually using shoes that implement state of the art technology like Nike Flyknit.

The unique thing you need to keep into account is that, even though the Flyknit is modern, great and helpful, it’s not designed to last as long as shoes that use materials like Foamposite. The durability is still decent though, that’s why we have given it 9 out of 10.

Ventilation: 7.5/10

For real, nobody likes shoes without proper ventilation, especially for a sport like basketball, where you are going to sweat quite a lot. The ventilation in the Nike Kobe 9 is pretty decent, it may not be the best, but it’s neither bad.

The design allows the shoe to breathe quite well thanks to the tongue, and some minor perforations present in the forefoot. We have scored it with 7.5 out of 10, because we consider that there is room of improvement for this feature.


Overall, it’s an excellent choice. The Kobe 9 is far superior to the Kobe 8 and other basketball shoes out there. As you have been able to see, it offers you lots of agility and freedom of movement, supported by excellent traction, transition and a strong yet dynamic lockdown.

Now let’s see the different Kobe 9 Colorways.

Kobe 9 Colorways:


kobe 9 colorways

Its own name says it all: it’s a real masterpiece. In fact, it was launched by Nike with a very suggesting tagline: “Where design meets art”. It features an attractive Black/Metallic Silver-Volt-Bright Crimson colorway.


kove 9 elite volt

Let the Kobe 9 Elite Volt electrify your game! Featuring a clean yet innovative design, the color pallete used on this design is even breath-taking, because these shoes will look great on you on the court!


kobe 9 elite black and white

A classic. If you want to keep things simple, yet with glamour, then the Kobe 9 Black and White are the perfect pick for you. This classic color combination, accompanied with reflective silver accents, is all you need to look like a badass in the game.


kobe 9 elite perspective

The Kobe 9 Perspective is a real piece of art. The colorway used in based on “The Blue Period”, which was a period between 1901 and 1904 which is used to categorize Pablo Picasso’s works between these years.


kobe 9 elite inspiration

Featuring a Black and Metallic Silver-Anthracite colorway, the Kobe 9 “Inspiration” is all you need to play and look as great as Kobe Bryant.


kove 9 elite detail

The Base grey and black colorway featured on this design is inspired on Michelangelo. This artist created some of the best sculptures in history, especially for the degree of detail he reached. And we can make an analogy with Kobe Bryant, whose focus on details for each game can be compared to Michelangelo’s precision and passion.


kobe 9 elite maestro

It comes with a very extravagant yet attractive design. This Kobe 9 colorway was created as a way to show respect to the absolute masters of Jazz in New Orleans. And in fact, masters of Jazz and Kobe Bryant have many things in common. Jazz musicians have a talent for improvisation, and so does Kobe, who uses his natural instincts to cause a great impact in every single game.


kobe 9 elite team

This one is simple to explain: it was created based on the Lakers, featuring a Court Purple/White-Laser Orange-Wolf Grey colorway. Without doubts, a great design.


kobe 9 elite hero

Let’s make it clear, Kobe Bryant is pretty much a real life hero. He may not be able to fly, but for sure he’s a beast on the court. And this design, that uses a Wolf Grey/Court Purple-Sport Turquoise colorway, has been created to portrait Kobe as the hero he is.


kobe 9 elite gold

The Kobe 9 Gold is a perfect mix of grey, white and black, with a nice golden Nike brand symbol. The design, which is quite exotic, may be the one you are looking for if you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd.


kobe 9 elite influence

We should call it the “Kobe 9 Pop”, because it’s has been strongly influenced by the Pop Art Movement. If you really want to be different than that the rest, then the “Influence” is the perfect way to do so, thanks to its multi-color makeup.

The End… For Now:

We are aware that more colorways will be released with the pass of the time, that’s why we will update this page frequently. But so far now you have been able to check a proper review on the Nike Kobe 9 Elite, and to check its great colorways.

Just remember it, come back every now and then, because as soon as a new design is released, we will put it here along with a nice description and a good image. See you soon!