Along side the rise of the Jordan and Agassi series of Nike Air shoes in 1990, there was an important elite entry into the Nike Air line-up that has not seen any retro attention since the original releases.  The Nike Air Flight from 1990 is a special shoe that was never duplicated, but held in high regard nonetheless.  Although we have seen retro releases for the Flight 89, we have not seen any inkling of a retro for the Flight 1990 High Top.  There are very few pictures of this shoe available, but, thanks to David Gunning’s collection and, we were able to find some.  For many retro fans, the late 80′s and early 90′s is where it all started.  It was the beginning of the Tinker Hatfield era of Jordan signature releases.  Bo Jackson had amazing trainers growing in popularity and Andre Agassi had Nike Air Agassi’s now know as the Nike Air Tech Challenge series.  Among the top ranked shoes was the Nike Air Flight 1990.


So, what happened to the Nike Air Flight line?  Why is it disappearing?  Jordan’s shoes were basically a line of the Flights which is why the Jordan 4 has the Flight logo on it.  The Nike Air Flight has an iconic presence.  The Flight label has been muddied by all kinds of Jordan Brand releases that do not stand up to the designs of Flights in the early 90′s.  The new Flights are average sneakers at best.  Why not bring back the Flight 1990′s?  We are ready.  There aren’t many who remember these shoes anymore, but that double-bubble air and high-top profile had these shoes as one of the elite basketball weapons on the court in those days.  If the David Robinson Nike Air Force 180 is coming back, so should these.

Here are a few pics of the white version of the Nike Air Flight 1990.  (Pic from eBay aardvarkantique)