Some afterthoughts on the Kobe 9 Elite Low Mamba Moment QS availability…

A lot of people have already seen this shoe, and a lot of people are disappointed that they can no longer be ordered.  There were a couple of issues in getting these.  You have to be a Nike follower to know that they were going to release a special edition shoe for Kobe’s special occasion of passing MJ’s career point total record and you have to have known to order them quickly.  These shoes were available on NikeID where you can customize it to your liking.  Ordering was limited to 2 pairs per Nike account.

There are a lot of opinions of these that do not favor the wild, zebra purple outsole.  Well, if you’ve never used NikeID before, you probably wouldn’t have known that you can easily change this option on NikeID.  You can customize the whole shoe to your liking, even a special printed area inside of the tongue where you can personalize your own print of two letters followed by a string of digits underneath.  The default print inside the tongue were the letters, KB, and underneath on one shoe, it was defaulted to the number that Kobe had to break to overcome Jordan’s career points which was 32,292.  The other shoe was defaulted to print the letters KB with a series of question marks, “??,???”, representing the unknown number the Black Mamba would eventually reach as his own points record in his career.  As mentioned, these printed fields could be changed to whatever you want.

Unless there is a restock of these shoes, it is unlikely that you will be able to get your hands on a pair unless you want to purchase them on eBay.  There are over 100 of these already being sold on the online marketplace.  The real reason this shoe sold out quickly is not that most people want to resell them, it is simply that Nike has so many Kobe-loving followers, that once they let the cat out of the bag, people were drooling over this release.  The release was also limited although we don’t know how many they were actually limited to.  A QS release stands for Quick Strike, meaning that it is limited to non-commercial quantities.  Some Quick Strike releases are eventually released in the larger quantities, but most are unlikely to do that.  The Jeremy Lin Hyperdunk Low was a QS release and so was the Hot Lava Air Tech Challenge II “Agassis”, but only the Agassis got mass produced and now those are on sale everywhere for under the initial retail price.

Some people bought the Kobe 9 Mamba Moment to resell them, but most just want a pair of their own.  They sold at $245 per pair which could come out to over $260 with tax in California.  They cost even more than the Legend Blue Jordan 11s that are causing riots in Houston, but all of them are sold.  The big question on Kobe sneaker fans’ minds is if these will restock or not.

Why might the Kobe 9 Elite Low Mamba Moment QS restock?  A lot of people in Nike-land tried to order multiple pairs of the Mamba Moment shoes, but the limit is only 2 pairs.  Those who ordered more than 2 had orders cancelled so that they could only get 2 pairs.  So, is it possible that Nike overestimated the number of pairs that they actually sold before it was listed as sold out on the NikeID website?  It is possible.  It all depends on how their system managed the orders to match to the quantity of material or if that was even a factor.  Only Nike knows.

There is yet another good reason why this style will restock.  The Kobe 9 Elite Low Mamba Moment QS was heightened in popularity due to the previous “multi-color” (MC) releases  of the Kobe 9.  It all starts with the Kobe 9 Elite Masterpiece.  The Kobe 9 was the first basketball shoe to use the flyknit technology which allows for a varied color design on the upper of the shoe.  Nike flaunts the flyknit material with a multi-color design ranging from yellows to greens to purples within one shoe upper.  The Kobe 9 Elite Masterpiece was highly sought after.  When Nike released a low top Kobe 9 NikeID version of a multi-color flyknit shoe earlier in 2014, people ate those up and they sold out in a few days and a lot of fans were sorry they didn’t get them because they turned out to be extremely beautiful colorful shoes.  Some were sold online for upwards of $600.  That multi-color Kobe 9 actually came back to NikeID once more after they were sold out initially.  More people got a chance to order them.  The current Kobe 9 Elite Mamba Moment released this past weekend is actually the 2nd multi-color low top with more of a grey colored base.  It has only become available once.  So, it might be back one more time just like the last one too… but when?  No one knows.  If you want to try to catch them on a restock, keep an eye on the NikeID site.  Here’s a pic of the shoes that Kobe actually wore in the locker room.